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Proietti #22780
This must be an early Proietti because I've looked at his web
site's pipe gallery and he makes some rather nice looking, well
balanced, proportional pipes.  This one has a thin wall over the
shank that could be problematic if smoked hot.  The draw is open,
but the bend makes it near-impossible to see the chamber and
light the bowl correctly.  It's an ambitious, but unwise, attempt by
someone who doesn't have command of the basics to make an
advanced shape.  Clearly, he has learned his craft since this
ill-advised attempt.   Its a Small grp. 4 in size.  New.
4.85" long, bowl 1.8" tall.  Weight: 1.25 oz., 34 grams. $125.
Cavicchi 5 C 3 210236TT
The little carbon residue that remains on the rim might easily
buff off; regardless, there is no wear on that inner rim & the
pipe is in all-around crisp condition.  The draw is wide-open &
the size is Grp. 6.  I should be able to recognize the wood that is
used as a shank trim, but I'm glitching at the moment (I need a
course in recognizing various woods).  Used.
5.75" long, bowl 2.1" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 62 grams. $225.
Proietti #52950
Once again Proietti produces an Italian pipe with a traditional
vulcanite stem and a wide-open draw.  A cleaner easily passes
through to the chamber bottom, where the draft hole is properly
placed.  It's a Grp. 4 size & a close look at the blast reveals tight,
hard straight grain.  New.
5.7" long, bowl 1.65" tall.  Weight: 1 1/8 oz., 31 grams. $125.
Il Ceppo #1123171JJ
Grp. 6 size with beautiful ring grain blast.  A pipe cleaner flows
through the stem and shank easily.  The draw is open & the
hole is right at the bottom of the chamber.  The band does not
say it is sterling, but it is tarnishing, so maybe it is.  That would
account for the steep increase in price over the same grade
but without a band.  In Europe, the addition of a band adds
abut $100 to the price of a pipe.  New.
5.4" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 53 grams. $175.
Il Duca 3B #89-30283
Max created both a new, slightly asymmetrical, shape and a
new finish, burning, or burnishing, a reddish sandblast stain.
The pipe is Grp. 5 size, or even a tad larger.  The draw is open
and the brindle stem is vulcanite.  The drilling is spot on.  The
trim may be Boxwood; I'm not sure.  New.
5.9" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 3 oz., 84 grams. $432.
Il Duca Barone 3 Morta #89-30245
A bit of a stubby fellow, with the drilling right on the bottom of
the chamber, a wide-open draw and the happy ability to take a
pipe cleaner through with just a little bending of the tip of the
cleaner.  The trim is Leopard Wood, I think and the stem is a
well crafted vulcanite...thin and very comfortable.  New.
4.35" long, bowl 1.6" tall.  Weight: 2 1/4 oz., 64 grams. $432.
Castello 3G Old Antiquari 425-0623
When a pipe seller sees a great version of a shape, any shape,
he is almost obligated to buy it.  That is why I acquired this piece
from Castello.  it is big and beautiful.  My thumb fits tightly into
the chamber, the walls are thick & the draw is wide-open,
7.25" long, bowl 2.3" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 60 grams. $660
Il Duca 3B Morta #89-30274
I don't remember the name of the exotic wood trim on this pipe,
but perhaps it's Leopard Wood.  It is short, but the bowl
capacity is at least Grp. 4 in size.  The draw is wide-open and
the flat, vulcanite stem is exceedingly comfortable.  new.
4.4" long, bowl 1.5" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 58 grams. $432.
Amorelli 5 Nail #102043
Large...at least a Grp. 6, and nearly full bent, but with a very
open draw nonetheless.  There are a few scratches on the front
of the bowl.  5 nails is either the highest, or near the highest, of
the Amorelli grades.  This also has that old double gold bar with
which to line up the stem.  That extra detail is now gone.  Used.
4.8" long, bowl 2.65" tall.  Weight: 3 5/8 oz., 101 grams. $145.
2012 Castello Occhio di Pernice Collection #8913CO
By virtue of what artistic standard is straight grain more
desirable than Bird's Eye?  Who made that decision for us?  By
a long shot I think that Bird's Eye is grain is more diverse and
interesting to look at than straight grain.  This is a 2K, with nice
thick walls and an open draw.  Surprisingly, to me at least, a
cleaner, with just a little twist, goes right to the bottom of the
chamber.  That's good engineering, nicht wahr?  New.
4.65" long, bowl 2.35" tall.  Weight: 2.5 oz., 71 grams. $565.
Radice Rind Pure #1020202  (SOLD 1/17/20)
In religious myth, a virgin is 'pure,' which must be the reason
this unstained line of Radice pipes is designated "Pure."  To
call it virgin (or vergine, in Italian) would make them look like
copycats.  this is a Grp. 5 size, in exc. cond.  Although most
Italian pipes use acrylic for their stems, the Radice family uses
vulcanite a lot, and that's what this brindle-like stem is made of.
6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 45 grams. Used. $75.
Castello 4K Trademark #824275  (SOLD 11/10/19)
This Trademark is well grained all around and has that nice touch
of plateau on the inner part of the rim.  It is probably a Grp. 5, but
seems like a 4 because Italian pipes are so large. The draw is
open and always note the uncoated chamber.  It was too
appealing and irresistible not to buy and offer.  New.
5.25" long, bowl 1.55" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 43 grams. $480.
1999 Limited Special Edition Castello "Castello" #45-146
This is #10 out of 24.  All 24 pieces were sold out within 15 min.
of release at the annual retail tobacco dealers' trade show.  A
two page spread is devoted to these 24 pipes in the Spring
2000 edition of "Pipes & Tobaccos" magazine.  All 24 are
depicted in the spread & you can pick this one out of the line-up
P&T bought one for their museum.  Grp. 5 size, $965.
Castello Natural Vergin G #102010
There is little to add to what you can see in the photo, since
Castello is such a well known quantity.  If you are looking for
this shape in this finish, voila.  The cond. is exc. used.
4.5" long, bowl 2.7" tall.  Weight: 2 5/8 oz., 74 grams. $175.
Savinelli Autograph 0 #714210AG
A lot of the incoming requests from customers center on getting
a high grade pipe, but for an amount that they can afford. Here
is that opportunity...one of Savinelli's rare, top three grades,
always highly coveted.  It's a Grp. 6 in size, in exc. cond. with a
tenon that can, if wanted, take a 6mm filter or the Savinelli
Balsa filter.  Let me know if you want a pack thrown in. Used.
6"long, bowl 2.2" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 62 grams. $250.
Castello Sea Rock G #1020198
Despite the G size and the deep bend, the pipe exhibits that
good Castello construction with an open draw.  The cond. is exc
Don't know the age, but it was made in the Kino era. Used.
4.9" long, bowl 2.4" tall.  Weight: 2.75 oz., 79 grams. $150.
Castello Trademark #14183
Stamped with a 65 to indicate its shape, and two Ks that are not
in the ellipse, this is a fine old Castello.  It's a Grp. 5 in size and
the cond. is exc., Used.
4.85" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 43 grams. $175.
Proietti #52914JJ
Not quite a Becker-like Spaghetto shank, but a handsomely thin
pencil shank on a Grp. 3 size Billiard.  The draw is wide-open & the
unusual, even unique, color of the stem deserves notice. New.
5.2" long, bowl 1.65" tall.  Weight: 3/4 oz., 20 grams. $135.
Castello 2K Great Line Collection #52986 (SOLD 12/11/19)
A Grp. 6 size in excellent cond, with just a little carbon residue on
the rim (it could probably be scrubbed off by someone a bit
diligent...not me) but no sign of wear at all.  The draw is
wide-open & a cleaner glides through to the chamber.  You can
see the straight grain is good all around.  Made in 2007.  Used.
6" long, bowl 2.2" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz, 53 grams. $310.
Ser Jacopo Maxima #623-2098
Although there is plenty of room in which to grasp the bowl
without having your hand touching the silver cap, I would still be
concerned about burning myself.  So you have to weigh the
Jacopo with the occasional expletive when the skin touches
heated silver.  
5.9" long, bowl 2.55" tall.  Weight: 2 7/8 oz., 81 grams. $395
Ser Jacopo Maxima #623-2102
Quite a comfortable size for a Maxima.  it's large, and you can
wrap your hand  (or at least some of its fingers) around the
bowl but it doesn't come off as an unwieldy size.  The draw is
open, the draft hole on the bottom of the chamber and you can
expect the same great smoke Ser Jacopo pipes tend to provide.
6" long, bowl 2.35" tall.  Weight: 2.25 oz., 62 grams. Price: $315
Castello Shape 93 Sea Rock #714120
The "SC" stamped on the bottom of the pipe indicates that the
pipe was made from the late 50's to the mid 60's.  Those letters
gave the size of the pipe, thus no Ks on the early Castellos.  In
this case it's about a Grp. 3, although with a deep bowl the
capacity probably equals a Grp. 4.  The pipe is like new. Used.
5.2" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.25 oz., 34 grams. $150.
Castello Old Antiquari G #623-1193  (SOLD)
Would you call the shape of this bowl an Egg?  I'm so pleased
that photos mean I don't have to describe the way each pipe
looks, as I did when I first started on this end of the business in
1977 and my mailer consisted of nothing but words.  Now, I just
have to pick great looking pipes, like this one, and show it you.
4.55" long, bowl 2.45" tall.  Weight: 3 1/8 oz., 87 grams. $395
Castello Great Line Sea Rock #415-225BK
Good old U.S. Castello with the diamond logo and "Carlo Scotti"
stamped on the shank.  I say again, the uncoated stem, if for
no other reason, makes Castello a righteous pipe in my
opinion.  Typically large Great Line size. Lucite stem. New.
6" long, bowl 2.1" tall.  Weight:2 oz., 55 grams. $425.
Savinelli Punto Oro #71495
Shape #1014KS (making it a Grp. 5 size) with crisp bowl rim &
mark-free stem.  The blast reveals a hard briar.  Does hard
briar mean, all things being equal, which they never are, a
better smoke than soft briar?  No idea.  Certainly this is a more
than reputable pipe...the top of Savinelli's chain if you can ex-
clude the extraneous factor of cosmetics (grain pattern). Used.
5.8" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 41 grams. $75.
L'Anatra One Egg 529-94AC
Grp. 6 size in exc. cond. & with wide-open draw and the old
stand-up duck head.  With a few more smokes, the cross grain
& Bird's Eye will start popping out of this light-stained, top-grade
-briar pipe.  Acrylic stem.  Used.
5.9" long, bowl 2.2" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 60 grams. $195.
Il Ceppo #623-161JJ
With the virgin stain (if there's any stain on the pipe at all)
nothing is hidden by this sandblast.  The chamber is almost
large enough to fully take my thumb, and the draft hole is
where it should be, at the bottom of the bowl.  Light weight, too.
6.15" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 42 grams. New. $215
Il Ceppo Grade 5 #623-149JJ
you can seer.  The chamber capacity is like a Group 5 in size,
and no bowl coating to deal with.  New pipe.
6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 60 grams. $345.
Mastro de Paja 3B Media #14168
With lots of tight straight grain, clean wood and thick walls, this
is just an appealing pipe, whether you like Pots or not.  The hint
of a curve in the stem and the wide-open draw add to the
attraction, as does the excellent condition.   Grp. 5 size. Used.
5.25" long, bowl 1.8" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 58 grams. $75.
Il Ceppo 4 #21067
Retail is interesting, which is a kinder way of saying it is often
frustrating and vexing.  That customers have minds of their own is
a good thing...I'm glad of it.  But it is also part of my job to figure
out what it is that the customer wants and get it for him...in this
regard I'm a little weak.  An example of that are the Il Ceppo pipes
on this site.  They are priced at approx. wholesale, & regardless
of relative value, they have to be more appealing (or so I would
think) than a new brand with no history that sells at twice the
price.  Yet, they sit and sit.  The message has to be that people
do not want them, and they are most definitely entitled not to
want them...but I would like to know why because it's not quality,
price or brand history.  This Grp. 5 would retail @ $430.  New.
5.55" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  Weight: 1 3/4 oz., 50 grams. $225.
  Castello 3K "Castello" #14173
  The bowl is taller than most Billiards, and the draw is open.  It's
a fairly old pipe as the Ks are not encircled, so it's a Carlo
Scotti era piece.  There is a ding on the bowl facing the smoker.
Some of that can possibly be steamed out.  Used.
5.9" long, bowl 2.1" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 47 grams. $175.
Castello Collection Fiammata #112356PH
Clearly, the real deal, going back to Carlo Scotti's time as
proprietor of the little factory.  Sure, there's a little carbon
residue on the plateau rim, but the pipe is in exc. cond.  And a
cleaner with a crimped tip goes right to the chamber bottom.
5.2" long, bowl 2.5" tall.  Weight: 2 58 oz., 73 grams. Used. $375
2017 Castello Perla Nera 2K #89255 (SOLD 1/13/20)
Although this is only a 2K, that is because, according to Marco
Parascenzo, the Castello importer, Perla Neras are not graded
like other Castello pipes.  At any rate, this is a fairly large pipe
with a tall bowl (duh...I think you can see that) and would other-
wise be graded with a "G" or two.  As it is new and unsmoked,
what you see is what it is.  The draw is open.  New.
5.6" long, bowl 2.65" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 50 grams. $525.
Ascorti Sabbia #102049
The Sabbia is the sandblast finish and it is also stamped KS for
King Size.  it is a Grp. 6 in size.  The cond. is exc.,  The draw
could be more open, but whenever I say that, it turns out that
the recipient is happy with the draw so it's possible that my
standards are more demanding than most.  I do get frosted
when a pipe maker asks a considerable amount for their pipes
and can't see to it that it's not just adequately but rather well
constructed.  Then again, how many Italian pipe makers smoke
cigarettes and not pipes?  Used.
5.6" long, bowl 2.4" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 50 grams. $60.
Il Duca 3D Barone Morta #1123295AC
Handsome Grp 4 size Bulldog.  I imagine that it's not easy to
carve Morta and so most of the shapes I see are rather less
ambitious in shape than is this pipe.  The draw is open & the
condition is near-new.  Used.
4.8" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 45 grams. $225.
Ser Jacopo S2 #82887
It was the beautiful, deep sandblast that drew me to this pipe,
but it's nice that it also has a wide-open draw, is drilled right at
thumb, and yet isn't named a Maxima for the extra dollars that
brings.  With just a little bent at the tip, a cleaner goes to the
bottom of the chamber.  Acrylic stem.  Uncoated chamber. New.
5.5" long, bowl 2.3" tall.  Weight: 2.5 oz., 72 grams. $360.
Savinelli 00 Autograph #12310
All I can add to what you can already see is that this pipe's
tenon can also take a balsa insert, if you choose to use one.
If you do choose to use one, please don't tell me.  The pipe is
easily a Grp. 6 and my thumb fits easily into the chamber.  New.
5.7" long, bowl 2.5" tall.  Weight: 2.25 oz., 64 grams.   $725
Mimmo Provenzano #525020JJ
We acquired this pipe maker from an Italian pipe distributor
with whom we have a very good relationship.  He's from
Southeast Italy (Puglia) and shows a lot of talent.  This pipe is
a Grp. 4 in size (looking at Italian pipes always throws me off as
most of their pipes are just big to begin with and anything
normal looks small) has an open draw, is delightfully free of
bowl coating (do you mean there's a pipe maker who actually
listens to what the customer wants?) and with this pipe may
have worked an acrylic stem better than anything else I've
seen.  This is a Grade A, whatever that means.  New
5.25" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 38 grams. $245
Castello 4K Sea Rock Briar with Pi #14-313
Just another Castello, about which everything is right, with the
possible exception of its acrylic stem, and that is a matter of
personal preference.  It is a Grp. 5 in size.  As always, the
bowl is uncoated, allowing you, the smoker, to decide how the
pipe should taste.  New.
5.45" long, bowl 2.1" tall.  Weight: 2.25 oz., 64 grams. $480.
Ser Jacopo Domina #102064
I forgot to photograph the front of the bowl, but it's just like the
rest of the bowl, with straight grain and no bald spots.  This is a
true spigot & the cond. of the pipe is exc.  I'm not quite sure
why it wasn't designated "Maxima."  The bowl isn't big and
heavy, but overall, it certainly is large enough.  For instance, I
can almost squeeze my thumb into the chamber 7 the height of
the bowl alone should make it qualify.  The draw is open & the
silver band on the shank bears the Ser Jacopo name.  Used.
6.75" long, bowl 2.75" tall.  Weight: 2 5/8 oz., 75 grams. $150.
Savinelli Autograph 4 #89148CO
At the risk of over-repitition, let me ask...if Savinelli & Castello
feel comfortable in not coating the chambers of their best pipes,
what excuses from pipe makers can bear scrutiny.  This
is a Grp. 6 in size, with a light stain, a sign of clean wood.  Acrylic
stem.  My thumb fits into the chamber.  Unsmoked.  
5.55" long, bowl 1.9" tall.  Weight:  2 3/8 oz., 66 grams.   $225.
Castello 4K Sea Rock Briar with Pi #14-278
My guess, wild & stupid though it may be, is that the design on
the side of the bowl (and it is duplicated on the other side of
this carved pipe) was inspired by what is called 'branch wood,"
meaning, simply, that a branch grew out of that part of the burl,
and when it was cut off to start boiling the briar burl, its grain
pattern is that round pattern you see, that some consider to be
soft and a negative and others, like David Field, consider to be
good and hard (it comes, after all, from the outer part of the burl,
which is much harder than the interior) & attractive.  I throw my
lot in with David.  But enough about me.  This Is a Grp. 6 in size,
has a wide-open draw and takes a cleaner easily to the
chamber.  Acrylic stem.   New.
5.6" long, bowl 2.3" tall.  Weight: 2 3/8 oz., 69 grams. $480.
Mastro de Paja #714207TT
I can't go so far as to say that this long, deep bent pipe can take
a cleaner straight through, but more importantly it does have an
open draw.  As it looks in the picture, it does have a tall bowl &
the rustication suits the style quite well, with a big part of the
hand getting the pleasure of the textured feel.  Unsmoked.
6.5" long, bowl 2.55" tall.  Weight: 2 3/8 oz., 68 grams. $125.
Castello 4K Sea Rock 1453CO  (SOLD 1/16/20)
The shape number is stamped on the shank, but is just hazy
enough so that I can't quite read it.  35 or 55 look likeliest, but
the pipe's actual shape matches neither of those numbers.  The
on-line Castello shape chart offers no help.  Regardless, the
pipe is in very good cond., with clean rim and no wear visible.
Big Grp. 5 in size, or even a Grp. 6.  The draw could be better.
5" long, bowl 2.4" tall.  Weight: 2 3/8 oz., 67 grams. $150.
Ser Jacopo S2 #82857
Sandblast grain like this has a name...curtain grain.  It is like
drapery that folds down over itself.  Whether it has a name or
not, the pipe is imbued with a beautiful sandblast.  The draw is
wide-open and the chamber large enough to take my thumb.
5.8" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 3/8 oz., 69 grams. $360.
Mastro de Paja 1112-011
The "3C" designation is one of Mastro's highest, and this pipe
has terrific, tight straight grain all around the bowl.  Plus, it's
handsomely carved and has no odious bowl coating to impair the
quality of smoke.  The draw is open & the drilling right at the
bottom of the chamber.  Acrylic stem.  Grp. 5. Unsmoked.
5.7" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 38 grams. $325.
Castello 2K Old Antgiquari Shape 10 #1489CO
The sandblast exhibits a lot of Bird's Eye grain on the sides of
the bowl, along with the straight grain pattern that has to
accompany Bird's Eye.  The cond. is excellent & the draw is
wide-open.  Don't know the exact vintage, but it was made with
Kino's stamp on the shank bottom.  Used.
4,.75" long, bowl 1.8" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 43 grams. $175.
Castello Old Antiquari Great Line #1020153 (SOLD 12/1/19)
Somehow, this very large pipe was stamped with just 3Ks, and
not a G or GG.  How?  Why?  Can't answer that.  The "Great
Line" aspect does not refer to size, I think (and if it did, wouldn't
that conflict with the 3Ks?).  It is in exc. cond., has a wide-open
draw, a chamber large enough to put my thumb into & lots of
ring grain blast.  Used.
6.7" long, bowl 2.8" tall.  Weight: 3 1/8 oz., 97 grams. $225.
Ser Jacopo Maxima #102067 (SOLD 11/17/19)
Starting with the open draw and then going to the fine sand-
blast and the exc. cond., this represents pretty much everything
someone who likes large pipes would want in a pipe.  On top of
that, I just found that it takes a cleaner without so much as a
twist.  So you know the construction is excellent, too. Used.
5.3" long, bowl 2.7" tall.  Weight: 2.75 oz., 77 grams. $85.
Mastro Beraldi Churchwarden #821494JJ
Another well, fully grained bowl that raises the bar for the
typicaly bland Churchwarden bowl.  This pipe will appeal The
Billiard shape is enhanced with some sculpting at the bottom of
the bowl.  The size is Grp. 4.  New.    
9.7" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 1 3/4 oz., 50 grams.  $130.
Castello "Castello" 4K #824268
Here is an interesting treatment by the pipe makers of Castello.
I think we can all see the influence of Charatan in the cup &
saucer shaping.  What we see of the 'cup' exhibits a lot of
straight grain.  The intricately carved 'saucer' would normally
elicit a "Pi" designation from Castello, which also means more
money, but there is no Pi stamped on the shank, so it was
presented to me, and is not presented to you, as a straight-
forward "Castello" which is, happily, a not too expensive grade of
the brand.  It's a compact Grp. 5 size, with a wide-open draw
& is actually a comfortable pipe to hold.  New.
5.5" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  weight: 1 5/8 oz., 46 grams. $590
Savinelli Punto Oro #71479 (SOLD 1/14/20)
Attempting to describe this pipe tongue-ties me because it is
such a fine example of a large (Grp. 5) classic 1/2 bent and as
you can see it for yourself, there is not much to add.  The draw
is wide-open and the condition is excellent.  Vulcanite stem.
5.6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 48 grams. Used. $75.
Castello Sea Rock Briar Shape 74 #424221LW
Tooth marks, not deep at all, on the top and bottom of the old
U.S. stem are all that keep this pipe from being in exc. cond.  The
draw is open and the inner rim of the chamber is crisp.  The
shape, 74F, is stamped on the bottom of the shank, but no "Ks".
Has anyone managed to date Castello by the use of "Sea Rock
Briar," "Old Sea Rock" and any other iterations they've used to
label this finish?  Used.
5.8" long, bowl 2.65" tall.  Weight; 1 7/8 oz., 53 grams. $150.
Pascucci #1020163
Pascucci worked for Mastro de Paja for about 30 yrs. before
going out on his own.  His pipes represent  some of the best of
Mastro's design elements along with excellent value.  This pipe is
in exc. cond., is about a Grp. 6 in size & has a lucite stem. Used.
4.4" long, bowl 2.45" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 60 grams. $75.
Ser Jacopo Triple Maxima 3725082
Here's something to consider, although I hope you don't con-
sider it until after you order and pay for this pipe: the thickness
of the chamber wall is over 1/2".  That's where a lot of money
for this pipe goes.  Of course, that is a particularly stupid way of
looking at it, but it is a different POV.  Yes, I can fit my thumb
into the chamber of a Triple Maxima.  The draw is open and
the flat bottom suitable for head bashing.  New.
6.75" long, bowl 2.4" tall.  Weight: 4 oz., 115 grams. $325.
Radice Rubino #210-060
Fine cross grain and excellent carving create this nifty Stack-like
pipe.  I guess you can call it a Grp. 5 in size, or maybe a 6.  The
draft is drilled right on the bottom of the chamber.  Unsmoked.
5.45" long, bowl 2.25" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz, 42 grams. $215.
Castello Milano #925088
On the bottom of the silver band, it says "Milano 2015."  What
the pipe is meant to commemorate I have no idea.  Nor do I
know what the band's design is meant to depict, although
wheat stalks might be close.  It's a Grp. 5 in size with a large
capacity bowl into which I can almost fit my thumb.  The numbers
stamped on the side of the shank are 81 120, leading
me to believe that this was pipe number 81 in a run of 120. The
bowl shape is almost that of an Acorn.  Very pleasing.  New.
5.85" long, bowl 2.2" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 58 grams. $660
Castello 2K Collection #1459  (SOLD 1/22/20)
That little black spot on the rim comes from I don't know where.  
Doesn't quite seem to be carbon residue.  Short of that mystery,
the pipe is in excellent condition, with an open draw and a near
perfect shape for holding and smoking.  Grp. 5 size. used.
5.25" long, bowl 1.95 tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 49 grams. $250.
Mastro Beraldi Churchwarden #925069
Another of the custom made Churchwardens with quality briar.
The bowl size is between Grp. 3 & Grp. 4 in size, the draw is
open.  The Mastro Beraldi Churchwardens were ordered
because otherwise, the options on bowl shapes and sizes for
Churchwardens are extremely limited.  Plus, I had fine old
vulcanite stems, making the project feasible.  Good stuff all
around.  New.
9.5" long, bowl 1.65" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 48 grams. $130.
Castello 3K Collection  #925094
The highly esteemed shap3 55 in a well grained Collection
grade, with a wide-open draw and a Group 4 or maybe small
Group 5 sized bowl.  The pipe has an old-fashioned round
button that I have seen on a couple of new Castellos.  An
interesting feature, I think.  Once they get a shape down,
Castello does a very good job of it, often with slight modification.
4.95" long, bowl 1.6" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 47 grams. $750.
Castello "Castello" G #925122
Not that I felt my stock needed another Castello shape 65, but
this pipe was too attractive to allow another dealer to get their
hands on it.  The color, the fit and finish you all expect from
Castello, but the clincher for me was the quality of the cross
grain, which puts this pipe very close to what you can expect in
an Occhio di Pernice, especially the amount of Bird's Eye.  I can
just about get the thicker of my two thumbs into the chamber.
5.7" long, bowl 2.35" tall.  Weight: 2 5/8 oz., 75 grams. $595
Radice by Pease & diPiazza 56 of 100 1020174 (SOLD 1/12)
Beauty is supposed to be only in the eye of the beholder, so it's
best if I be-hold my opinion on this stumpy shape (called a June
Bug for a reason beyond my limited ken) with a stem that can't
possibly be comfortable to any human's mouth.  The cond. is ex.
4.9" long, bowl 2.25" tall.  Weight: 2.5 oz., 70 grams. $110.
Il Ceppo Grade 1 #21091
Is there a dearth of straight Bulldogs?  Mostly I see the bent
variety.  This is fairly large...a Grp. 6 size, with acrylic stem & a
wide-open draw.  New
6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2.25 oz., 63 grams. $145.
2012 Castello Occhio di Pernice #8946CO
A comfortable Grp. 5 in size, with, I believe, one K to its name.
other than that, what can I say about a new Castello?  The draw
is wide-open, the bowl is not messed up with black stuff, the
Bird's Eye & cross grain speak for themselves.  What I can do,
in concert with the person consigning this pipe, is offer it at a
very handsome, to you, price.  
5.6" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 45 grams. $510.
Radice Rubino Twin Bore & Oil Cured #102072 (SOLD)
For those of you who know the difference, this has the taste &
draw of the twin-bore, oil cured Radice pipes that were
designed and imported by David Field.  It's a large Grp. 5 size &
does, in fact, stand upright on that little protuberance below the
bowl.  The condition is exc.& despite the bend, and the fact that
you can only put a cleaner through one draft hole in the stem at
a time, a cleaner does go all the way to the chamber bottom.
5.5" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 2.25 oz., 63 grams. Used. $75
2016 Castello 4K "Castello" #89249
Interesting treatment in what was pretty clearly an attempt to
save the pipe from a fate that would otherwise have been
determined by a cosmetically compromised shank.  In true
Castello hubris, rather than being grateful for the 'save' and
calling this an Old Antiquari, they bumped it up a price range to
the "Castello" level.  Grp. 6 or larger in size with large bowl. New
5.5" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 58 grams. $475
Castello G Sea Rock Briar #425-093
Not a common Castello shape, with additional unusual touches
certain number of them each year to retain the logo rights) and
the contrasting disc of a bottom.  More important, the draw is
quite good.  it's a big capacity bowl with thick walls.  New.
4.55" long, bowl 2.25" tall.  Weight: 2 3/8 oz., 69 grams. $450.
Ser Jacopo Maxima #102054 (SOLD)
Maxima means large, and so it is.  Also, the cond. is exc., & the
draw is open & with just a little twist, a cleaner goes to the
bottom of the chamber.  The chamber diameter is only a little
over 8/10" because the walls are good & thick.  Used.
5.55" long, bowl 2.6" tall.  Weight: 3 3/8 oz., 96 grams. $85.
Cavicchi 3 C #714192TT
Grp. 6 size in exc. cond., with a wide-open draw and Caludio
Cavicchi's great briar.  How could this not smoke great?  The
straight grain all around the bowl could command a higher
grade, but it's true that the grain is not as dramatic as a lot of
his more highly graded pipes.  He typically undergrades.  Used.
6" long, bowl 2.3" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 56 grams. $195.
Castello Sea Rock 74 #425191 (SOLD 1/13/20)
This is an older Castello, with the shape number stamped on
the bottom of the shank, as well as Carlo Scotti's name.  Indeed,
it doesn't have any Ks, which may be an indicator of a true
vintage piece.  What it does have is an "F" stamped on it, and
I can't find any reference to that bit of nomenclature in standard
Castello lore.  Bowl & rim wear is minimal, but the person who
owned this pipe chewed not the stem so much, but the raised
button.  Mostly, it's OK, but there is one deep dent on the top of
the button.  If you don't bite on the button, and most of us don't,
it shouldn't be a problem.  BTW, the stem does not pull out from
the ferrule, as one might suspect, but rather the entire black
acrylic piece unscrews from the shank.  Old, huh? Used.
6" long, bowl 2.6" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 60 grams. $135.
Proietti #52945
Here is an Italina pipe maker that clearly prefers to use vulcanite
over acrylic.  Probably because he thinks it's more comfortable.
I say that because it is obvious that his pipes are designed with
a wide-open draw, too.  The size for this pipe is a Grp. 4 that
might be on the small side.  The versions of Proietti pipes here
are either classic shapes or minor variations.  The big, bulky
standard Italian style is not for him.  Neither are high prices.New.
5.5" long, bowl 1.55" tall.  Weight: 1 1/8 oz., 32 grams. $135.
Baldo Baldi #714-43
Rather spectacular.  The grain quality you can see, so I don't
need to expound on that.  The size is less easy to detect so here
goes...see how thick the bowl walls are?  Well, despite that,
my thumb easily fits into the chamber.  There are some light
scratches on the surface of the bowl, and someone must have
been testing it out, without lighting it, because there's a tooth
indent on the top of the stem.The drawer is open. New.
6 1/8" long, bowl 2.7" tall.  Weight: 4 7/8 oz., 137 grams. $2250.
Ardor Mercurio #529-79AC
Not only is it large enough for the chamber to take my thumb, &
to have an open draw and be in exc. cond., less one spot on
the inner rim, but it is a 7 sided Panel, which I do not believe I
have encountered in my 41 years in the hobby.  Used.
6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 48 grams. $295
Proietti #52907JJ
Virgin finishes are always prized.  This is an appealing Grp. 3
with a brindle stem the colors of which you can describe better
than I.  The draw is wide-open & the unstained bowl is remark-
ably free of pits or flaws.  (Not perfect, but nearly so.) New.
5.3" long, bowl 1.8" tall.  Weight: 1 oz., 29 grams. $145.
Il Ceppo #1123161JJ (SOLD 2/15/20)
Does any pipe maker match the Il Ceppo sandblasts for con-
sistently deep and character-laden blasts?  No.  This easy to
hold bent Apple fits the description.  It's a Grp. 5, with near-
perfect (nothing's perfect) construction, the air hole being right
on the bottom of the chamber.  New.
5.75" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 58 grams. $145.
Castello 2K Collection #529175
This pipe with the U.S. logo is old enough so that the "Ks" are
not in the oval.  But everything is in exc. cond., The draw is
open.  The size is Grp. 6.  It does, of course, have the Carlo
Scotti stamp and is pre 1987 40th anniversary.  Used.
5.75" long, bowl 2.2" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 53 grams. $225.
Moretti #102018  (RESERVED)
This pipe is in near-new cond.  It's a Grp. 5 size, but with the tall
bowl, it might be able to qualify as a Grp. 6.  The draw is open &
it certainly appears to be fill-free.  The grain quality is not
consistent enough to call this a Collector, but it probably isn't
far off.  Used.
6" long, bowl 2.6" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 55 grams. $75.
Castello Sea Rock 1421 (SOLD 1/16/20)
The toothmark on the bottom of the stem is deep; the stem is
lucite and as it is not bitten through, it should survive quite well
if it is not aggravated.  The rest of the pipe is in fine condition;
the rim is not worn and the chamber is near-new.  The draw is
open 7 the nomenclature is clear.  Used.
5.6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 43 grams. $95.
Savinelli Non-Pareil #714176
Group 5 size in exc. cond., with bone extension.  The draw is
open and the stem is mark-free.  The Non-Pareil is just below
the Giubileo D'Oro in their grading system, apparently. Used.
6" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 52 grams. $65.
Castello 4K Trademark #1456CO (SOLD 1/17/20)
The bottom of this pipe, like that of a well proportioned young
woman, is a joy to behold.  The rest of this piece is quite
attractive, too.  The carving above the bead and the wood
shank extension add to the beauty and value of the pipe...or at
least they add to the cost.  Grp. 5 size with an open draw. Used.
5.5" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 55 grams. $175.
Ser Jacopo Lla Pipaccia Rowlette #1020144
A Grp. 6 in size, at least, with a wide-open draw, plus, despite
the deep bend, with a bit of a twist a cleaner goes to the bottom
of the tobacco chamber.  The cond. is exc.  Used.
5.6" long, bowl 2.65" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 62 grams. $125.
Radice  Rind #1427
It looks like this started as a wax drip finish but ended up being
rated a standard Rind.  But there is more work in it than a Rind
normally has.  the pipe is a Grp. 6 size, and the draw is decent,
although it could be better.  The cond. is exc. Used.
5.1" long, bowl 2.6" tall.  Weight: 2 7/8 oz., 80 grams. $75.