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The photo depicts one of the final days of the Camelot of
tobacco shops, my own Sherlock's Haven.  To my immediate
left is both good friend and my professional consigliere, Steve
Brunner.  To my immediate right is one of the great tobacco
palates, relieving me of the chore of tasting and rating each
pipe tobacco and cigar, Johnson Tacalon.  And the tall guy
behind him was the store Mgr. and current close friend, Jim
Walker.  We're surrounded by good guys and true.  
I wanted to caption this "I knew more about pipes and tobacco
when I was 7 than you do now," but my PR dep't. said that
would be a bad idea.  Looks like old curmudgeons start as
young curmudgeons, doesn't it?  Years ago, my mother told my
then newish wife that when I was a kid, all they had to do to
keep me quiet was put a hat on my head, a corn cob in my
mouth and shove me in the back seat of the car.  My wife
replied, "nothing's changed, except he's now in the front seat."
           The Mill

July 20, 2019.
This might have been the subject here
before, but what's wrong with a little
repetition?  Women, it seems, are still
grossly underrepresented in so many
spheres of our life.  For one, they are
surely not as involved in the pipe
hobby as some of us might like.  Which
"some of us" you ask?  The some of us
that are in the business of selling pipes.
Why wouldn't we want to double the
potential customer base?  And that is
the same underlying philosophy that
propels the rest of this message.
Despite their success at the recent
Women's World Cup of soccer, and all
sorts of recent access to team and
individual sports, culminating in the
Olympics every four years, they're still
underrepresented in sports at the every
day level.  Women, I'll maintain, aren't
encouraged enough to participate while
in grade and high school.  Rarely, one
suspects, does a girl who appears
athletically gifted in gym class get
recruited by a coach to join a school's
sports team. Rather they are steered
into other endeavors and pastimes,
which is the same as a silent nudge to
away from what are still
considered  masculine domains.
day's gentle screed is prompted by
what happened at the gym this
morning, and what happened is not all
that unique.  As I climbed onto the Stair
Master, which is basically the same as a
stationary escalator, a vision of the
young lady to the left came into view.  
Instead of the level 5 at which I work for
20 min., she appeared to be at
something like a level 12 or 15, b
as full-tilt mode.  Sweat
was pouring down her nose, and the
rest of her, too and there was no let-up
for the full 20 minutes I s
lowly walked
those stairs
.  Plus, she had started who
knows how long before I got there and
she stayed a good, long time after I
, too.
She didn't have ear buds clogging her
hearing (she was reading a book on an
i-pad) so I asked her if she was made of
steel, which seemed to be the case as
even basic Stair Master time is more
than most gym attendees want to
She shook her head 'no'
although to tell the truth, it was pretty
obvious she was made of softer stuff,
at least on the outside, than steel.

She pop-poohed a question asking if
she ran marathons and tried to excuse
amazement at her performance by
saying that the book she was reading
provided diversion.  Bull.  She was
doing the equivalent of running up and
down the stadium steps a dozen times
without stopping.
As said, there are a number of young
women at o
ur gym, (which is not a
testosterone i
ncubator, but is
rather relaxed, with a good number of
seniors such as yours truly who simply
prefer not to fall apart all at once) who
exercise at these optimum levels.  And
yet, those wo
men I've asked have
always said that they do not participate
in athletics when it's clear that if they
did, they had the kind of drive that
would be very, very hard to beat.  After
all, isn't the one quality that

champions  the quality of
determination?  Heart, in other words.  
Starting as girls, these kinds of people,
rare in either sex, really, need to be enco
uraged and nurtured.  Using
jargon (or maybe it's not current) they
should be u
shered to the opportunity
to fully realize their potential.  Guys are
almost always given that kind of
attention.  If a 6'7"
boy is walking the
halls of his high school without
tripping, the basketball coach is going
to recruit him.  Does that same dynamic
exist for the girls (at less than 6'7" one
would hope,
for her later love life).  
The bigger issue is not sports, of

course, but the involvement of women
in all aspects of our life.  If the U.S. is a
leading nation in the world, and it is in
many way, it might well be because
women, while not given all the
opportunities that men have, do have
more than in most countries.  It is not
an aberration that in those nations
where women have few opportunities
to express themselves, the
standard of living is lower and the
happiness quotient of the population is
low.  I just looked it up.  
on't buy the BS that all cultures are
. Those that suppress the freedom
of women &
diminish their worth  are
less good.  They are failing to take
advantage of the resources of half the
population.  Outright stupid.  Just like
pipe people were stupid when pipes
were worth marketing in magazines, but
the ads were aimed only at men.  I'm
heartsick at the thought of all that lost
revenue.  Plus, who would I rather wait
on face-to face...you or a nice looking
So, I'll continue to stare at the women
who show remarkable skill and stamina
(one young lady was skipping rope for
about 30 min. non-stop.  Try that
someday if you feel you have a little
extra energy and let me know how long
you lasted) and ask them if they are
involved in sports outside the gym.  

I'll also continue praying to the pipe
gods 6.25 hours each day, asking for
women pipe smokers.  

Remember: "
We are all bozos on this

A riff on the above quote came in today from
a friend: Blessed are we who can laugh at
ourselves for we shall never cease to be

It is time for me to begin wrapping up the
Rolando Negoita project on this site.  Thus, I will
be  reducing the price of the pipes on the
Specials page by degrees, until they are all
gone.  We have reached phase 7 of the
discounts and all pipes that were donated for
Rolando will be reduced by 30%.  The next
reduction commences July 22th, and will make
the discount 32.5%.  Check out the Specials

The ability of so many people to live
comfortably with the idea of capital punishment
is perhaps a clue to how so many Europeans
were able to live with the idea of the Holocaust:
Once you accept the notion that the state has
the right to kill someone and the right to define
what is a capital crime, aren't you halfway
there? -Roger Ebert, film-critic (18 Jun

I finally got to post pipe # 4 in my Human Folly-
HumanTragedy series, which I am doing in
collaboration with pipe maker Don Gillmore.  
This pipe is The Children's Crusade,
representing all the centuries children have
been abused physically and emotionally,
creating a foundation for a screwed up next
On the front of the pipe's bowl is an
etched Knight's Templar Cross.  
Somehow I jumped over pipe #3 in the
Series.  The pipe, a volcano representing
the folly of building a city under a regularly
spewing Vesuvius, is in stock and only needs to
be posted.  I'll do that soon.
# 3 in the Human Folly/Human Tragedy series is
now posted.  If you think that building a city
under a live volcano, as the citizens of Pompeii
did, consider how much we've learned as a
species, with California, a state of over 30
million inhabitants, doing nothing but building
skyscrapers in cities like San Francisco, Oakland
and Los Angeles over huge fault lines.  Brilliant.

Don't forget to see the Original Sin Apple
on the Human Folly page.  It's called
"Paradise Lost" & it's the first pipe in our
ground breaking series that  points a shaming
finger at instances of thoughtless human folly
that inevitably led to human tragedy.  That first
five sold out quickly, and the 2nd group, three
of them, have just arrived.  If you want one,
please let me know now as it will be awhile
before any others are produced.
We now are also showing pipe #2 in our Human
Folly Series, The Helen of Troy, a Yachtsman
(what else) to symbolize "the face that launched
thousand ships"  and provoked a 10 year war
culminated in a demolished great city state.  
Also on the Specials page is pipe # 4, The
Children's Crusade, a reminder of the way we
abuse kids physically and emotionally, assuring
a screwed up next generation.  The shape is an
Acorn of sorts, but the defining detail is the
Cross etched on the front of the bowl.  
Pipe # 3 in the series is ready to post, too.  It is
a Volcano, which might help you remember Mt.
Vesuvius and the devastation it did to the com-
munity that oh so wisely decided to camp and
build at the bottom of a deadly, active volcano.  

It is horrifying that we have to fight our
own government to save the environment.  
Ansel Adams, photographer (20 Feb 1902-1984)

Philanthropy is the refuge of rich people who
wish to annoy their fellow creatures.
Oscar Wilde

All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his
delusions is called a philosopher.
Ambrose Bierce

If you wish to understand a philosopher, do not
ask what he says, but find out what he wants.
Friedrich William Nietzsche

n.  A route of many roads leading
from nowhere to nothing.
Ambrose Bierce

Those who lack the courage will always find a
philosophy to justify it.
Albert Camus

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