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The photo depicts one of the final days of the Camelot of
tobacco shops, my own Sherlock's Haven.  To my immediate
left is both good friend and my professional consigliere, Steve
Brunner.  To my immediate right is one of the great tobacco
palates, relieving me of the chore of tasting and rating each
pipe tobacco and cigar, Johnson Tacalon.  And the tall guy
behind him was the store Mgr. and current close friend, Jim
Walker.  We're surrounded by good guys and true.  
I wanted to caption this "I knew more about pipes and tobacco
when I was 7 than you do now," but my PR dep't. said that
would be a bad idea.  Looks like old curmudgeons start as
young curmudgeons, doesn't it?  Years ago, my mother told my
then newish wife that when I was a kid, all they had to do to
keep me quiet was put a hat on my head, a corn cob in my
mouth and shove me in the back seat of the car.  My wife
replied, "nothing's changed, except he's now in the front seat."
The Mill
Sept. 20, 2018;
  I'm kinda draggin' ass.  Let's see if
typing here lifts me up.  In this case, I also
hope it lifts you up with a chuckle.  Not
often do I laugh when reading an obituary.
In fact, maybe never.  This time I did.  The
obit caught my eye because it was
accompanied by a photo wherein the
newly dead person (or corpse, if you
prefer) was depicted posing, when alive,
with a pipe in his mouth (a Prince, no
less.  One of my two favorite shapes)
looking in a mirror, that therefore showed
him looking at himself looking back at
himself with a pipe in his mouth.  In short,
it's a spoof of the famous painting
Norman Rockwell did of himself.  I'm sure
you know that painting.
  All of we pipe collectors would easily
give half of our collections to have that
painting, even if you have a very valuable
So, I was lured into reading the obit,
which was just as seductively titled "Alan
Abel, Ace Hoaxer Is (Really) Dead at 94."
The headline alone created interest as
most obit headlines don't dabble in wit.
Seems the "really" was necessary 'cause
this guy once fabricated his own death, if
for no other reason than to fool the
newspapers, which he did with elaborate
planning.  He elaborately planned all his
hoaxes.  He was, as the title explained, an
ace hoaxer.  
 There was the Ku Klux Klan Symphony
Orchestra, "which, he said, the failed
presidential candidate and former Klan
grand wizard David Duke briefly accepted
an invitation to conduct."  That
immediately brings up Mel Brooks' "The
Producers," and one of the musical
numbers, "It's Springtime For Hitler And
Germany."  How can you not laugh?  I did.
 "There was also the Topless String
Quartet, with which Mr. Abel said, an
unsuspecting Frank Sinatra wanted to
book a recording session."  I'll bet he did.
"Females for Felons," was a putative
group of Junior Leaguers "who selflessly
donated sex to the incarcerated."  (That
image could vie with the KKK orchestra.)
His most famous scam, I think, was SINA,
the Society for Indecency to Naked
Animals.  I'm pretty sure I remember that
one.  There were true believers who
thought that naked animals should wear
clothes to cover their genitals when in
public.  Yup, there were "authentic
adherents with SINA chapters springing
up around the country."
  I think he was proud of the fact that
Walter Cronkite remained mad at him.  
"He's not mad at Hitler.  He's not mad at
Castro.  He's mad at me because I fooled
him with "A nude horse is a rude horse."
 Despite showing up the naive side of a
lot of people (including Cronkite) he never
fleeced anyone and he returned all
donations to his spurious causes,
including a $40,000 check he got from a
well-heeled SINA supporter.  
 We're all susceptible, aren't we?
  There's more if you care to look him
up.  Too bad he's really dead (if he is).

McClelland #25 Matured Virginia (Red &
Black aged Virginias) 4 oz. '88,'90...$100

McClelland's Venice Agonya 2007 50g. $50
McClelland's Drama Reserve 2007 50g $50
McClelland's Yenidje Highlander 2007  $75

Dunhill “Mfg'd & blended in the United
Kingdom" stamped “Cuba”  '90...50 g. $95
Dunhill  "Mfg'd & blended in the United
Kingdom"  hand printed "Prince of Wales"
Dunhill Durbar "Mfg'd & blended in the
United Kingdom"  50 g. $100

There will be more to come, about as
soon as I can figure out what to charge for


I'll start here with a clean slate of newly
posted pipes.  You may have to scroll
down and see yet again all the pipes
you've been viewing for months, but here
I will be fairly up to date with what's new.
(Which is not to say that what's old is as
good or even better than what's new.  In
the most complex term I can think of, the
pipe you like is the pipe you like...what
difference does it make when it's posted?)
Anyhow, 2 new Jorgen L (for Larsen)
pipes went up on the Danish page.  Is he
the most accessible, affordable of the
high end Danish pipes?  Probably.  On the
English page is a 3X Sovereign.  All three
are used so they represent excellent

I finally got to post pipe # 2 in my Human
Folly/Human Tragedy series, which I am
doing in collaboration with pipe maker
Don Gillmore.  This pipe is the Helen of
Troy, a Yachtsman commemorating the
cheating wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta,
she who's beautiful face launched 1,000
ships, started a 10 year war, created
loads of death and a razed city-state and,
as we all know, inspired a lot of seemingly
immortal literature.  
It's a great pipe, made from Grecian briar
that is proving to be a wonderful


Two new (old) tins came to me, and thus
possibly to you, yesterday.  Full  
disclosure requires that 4 tins came in,
but you will not get to see two of them
unless you live around here.  The two
remaining tins are:

McClelland's 1992 Xmas Cheer 100 g. $125
Barry Levin's 1993-1994 Nutcracker Flake
Limited Edition Virginia
"Extra Matured for the Holiday Season"
in a solid purple/pink label that I've never
seen before.  $200.  It was "created from
10 year old Virginias, then tinned and
allowed 3 additional years to mature in the
can."  by Mcclelland, of course.  

Butera's Sweet Cavendish. 1 tin. 50 g.
from same 1990s collection but date
stamp obliterated.  $25.

Ashton's Celebrated Sovereign. 1997.
100 g. 1 tin. $65.

Please take a look at our Specials page,
where we have the pipes that have been
donated to raise money for pipe maker
Rolando Negoita, who had brain tumor
surgery and is now undergoing post-
operation treatment to deal with that
And talking about Rolando, and raising
money for him, and talking about
McClelland's Virginias, we've received a
recent donation of a 100 gram, 2000
Christmas Cheer.  If you're first, and think
$85 is a good way to get that  venerated,
millenial, aged tobacco plus contribute to
a fine cause, I am here for you.  First e-
mail request.  No phone calls on this one.  

Buying a pipe is a good and painless
way to help a great member of our
Of course, cash donations to the URL
below are also welcome.
Be generous.

Don't forget to see the Original Sin Apple
on the Human Folly page.  It's called
"Paradise Lost" & it's the first pipe in our
ground breaking series that  points a
shaming finger at instances of
thoughtless human folly that inevitably
led to human tragedy.  That first five sold
out quickly, and the 2nd group, three of
them, have just arrived.  If you want one,
please let me know now as it will be
awhile before any others are produced.

It is horrifying that we have to fight our
own government to save the environment.
-Ansel Adams, photographer (20 Feb 1902-

Philanthropy: Take egotism out and you
would castrate the benefactors.  
                             Ralph Waldo Emerson

available tins
Pease Southlinch from 2002 NASPC show.
Friedman & Pease Winter's Tale.  $100
Balkan Sobranie Virginia # 10 50 grams.
New Tins arrived, including
Abingdon, and a bunch of
others from 2003 and starting @ $40 a tin.

More old, collectible tins from the 1990's:

McClelland Mixture #1 (2000?) 100 grams.

Ashton 1997 Celebrated Sovereign 4 oz.,
Esoterica Pembroke...2 oz., 56 grams. $80
Davidoff Royalty 50 grams. $30
Dunhill Std. Mixture Mild from Lane 50
grams. $65

Benjamin Hartwell Pvt. Reserve 50 grams
Consolidated Cigar (thus from mid '90's)

For easy access to the address of other
fine used
pipe dealers, please visit Estate Pipes
The web site is: