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The photo depicts one of the final days of the Camelot of
tobacco shops, my own Sherlock's Haven.  To my immediate
left is both good friend and my professional consigliere, Steve
Brunner.  To my immediate right is one of the great tobacco
palates, relieving me of the chore of tasting and rating each
pipe tobacco and cigar, Johnson Tacalon.  And the tall guy
behind him was the store Mgr. and current close friend, Jim
Walker.  We're surrounded by good guys and true.  
I wanted to caption this "I knew more about pipes and tobacco
when I was 7 than you do now," but my PR dep't. said that
would be a bad idea.  Looks like old curmudgeons start as
young curmudgeons, doesn't it?  Years ago, my mother told my
then newish wife that when I was a kid, all they had to do to
keep me quiet was put a hat on my head, a corn cob in my
mouth and shove me in the back seat of the car.  My wife
replied, "nothing's changed, except he's now in the front seat."
        The Mill
March 24, 2018;
Pipes are now being posted regularly for
"our" (by which I mean the entire
pipe-hobby community, the kind of people
that visit sites like this one)  Rolando
Negoita project.
Rolando, if you haven't yet heard, is one of
our treasured artisans, a great pipe maker,
a super craftsman in other fields and most
importantly, a delightful, humble and sweet
person.  He had a brain tumor operation
and is recovering, leaving the family
in deep debt and with limited resources, of
the human energy kind as well as
financial.  On this site, thanks to the
generosity of our fellow pipe brothers, will
appear donations of pipes for you to look
at and hopefully buy.  All the proceeds will
go to Rolando's family.  There will
undoubtedly be pipes in every range,
including some of the famed,
inexpensive "4 Assorted Pipes for $x"  
variety.  (2 inexpensive packs are already
posted.  Hooray for my initiative.)
Please look, find something you like and
know that you are donating to an excellent
cause.  Pipes are on the Specials page and
will be posted as time and energy allow.
(FYI: due to the demands of this project,
pipes will not be reconditioned by me.  
They will go out as they come in.  So far,
almost everything looks real good and
should need only minor cleaning.)

Buying a pipe is a good and painless way
to help a great member of our community.  
Of course, cash donations to the link listed
below are also welcome.
Be generous.

The pipes that come in as donations for
Rolando will be posted on the Specials
page.  These pipes will provide a
win/win as they will represent
good values at the same time that they
provide some much needed funds for
the Negoita family.  Yes, I am repeating
myself, but we all know how thick
skulled many of you are.  Yes, you!


Don't forget to see the Original Sin Apple
on the Human Folly page.  It's called
"Paradise Lost" & it's the first pipe in our
ground breaking series that  points a
shaming finger at instances of thoughtless
human folly that inevitably led to human
tragedy.  That first five sold out quickly,
and the 2nd group, three of them, have
just arrived.  If you want one, please let me
know now as it will be awhile before any
others are produced.

Most recently posted were a good handful
of Russian/Ukrainian pipes on the Misc.
page.  Handsome & well priced, too.  Also,
three very well priced English pipes...a
Sasieni Four Dot Natural, a BBB Golden
Legacy and a Peterson Flame Grain.

It is horrifying that we have to fight our
own government to save the environment.
-Ansel Adams, photographer (20 Feb

Take note...a consignment of fine pipes
by BK have had their prices lowered.  
Pipes from him are on almost all the pages,
so look carefully.  You might find a gem
that you now want to afford.

Pessimist: one who, when he has a choice
of two evils, chooses both.
                        Oscar Wilde

available tins
Pease Southlinch from 2002 NASPC show.
Friedman & Pease Winter's Tale.  $100
Balkan Sobranie Virginia # 10 50 grams.
New Tins arrived, including
Abingdon, and a bunch of
others from 2003 and starting @ $40 a tin.

More old, collectible tins from the 1990's:

McClelland Mixture #1 (2000?) 100 grams.
McClelland Virginia Woods. 1997. 100
grams. $50
Ashton 1997 Celebrated Sovereign 4 oz.,
Esoterica Pembroke...2 oz., 56 grams. $80
Davidoff Royalty 50 grams. $30
Davidoff Danish 50 grams. $25
Dunhill Std. Mixture Mild from Lane 50
grams. $65
Butera Matured Ribbon 1996 & '97 50
grams. $50
Benjamin Hartwell Pvt. Reserve 50 grams
Consolidated Cigar (thus from mid '90's)

For easy access to the address of other
fine used
pipe dealers, please visit Estate Pipes
The web site is: